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Help Connecticut’s communities get the internet they need

Help bring fast, reliable broadband to residents and businesses in Connecticut. Challenge the map to direct the distribution of BEAD funds.


Register for the Rebuttal Phase

The Challenge Process is now in the Rebuttal Phase. Log in or register to view challenges eligible for rebuttal.

For challenges related to location eligibility, only the challenged service provider may rebut the reclassification of a location or area with evidence.

If a provider claims gigabit service availability for a CAI or a unit of local government disputes the CAI status of a location, the CAI may rebut.

All types of challengers (Nonprofits, Tribal Governments, Local Governments, and Broadband Service Providers) may rebut planned service and enforceable commitment challenges.


Shape Broadband Funding in your Communities

The results of the BEAD Challenge Process will determine which locations and community anchor institutions within Connecticut are eligible for BEAD funding. Challengers like you are the foundation behind ensuring the map is as accurate as possible. Access the map, track changes, and make sure you are represented.